Apr 6, 2009

More artwork

I have a lot of projects I'm working on these days.

- Releaseparty poster:

Grab the .SVG source file here:http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175241/poster/Jaunty%20release%20poster.svg

- CD label:
See below or here...

- A wallpaper / background: (won't be spending more time on this)
In the style of Jaunty, but with a twist (or should I say a wave).

Folded Paperboard Boxes
I thought it would be fun to have some gift boxes for cd's at the release party. You would have to print the file on very thick paper and glue the ends together (I really don't want to make 100 of these - what a pain). Not done yet, but here's a preview.

New theme for Fridge:
Abandoned project - couldn't find the time. The mockup I uploaded is based on my Ubuntu Wanted layout and this.
Mockup here...

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