Apr 27, 2009

Ubuntu Live! 9.04

This Saturday I attended the Danish LoCo teams Ubuntu 9.04 release party. People from the Danish forum, IRC, mailinglists and various other places attended. As always, there were many different sessions. To name a few: What is good support, What’s new in 9.04, What is UbuntuDanmark, Translations, and so on.
But, there’s were two sessions that I found particularly interesting; Bug triaging and Clever remote control of computers.

Søren Hansen, who works for Canonical as a visualization specialist on the Ubuntu server team, was asked to talk about Bug Triaging. Søren held a very enlightening talk. I never actually meet Søren before (though we only live 5 minutes walk from each other). He was very friendly and accommodating, and I really enjoyed his talk very much. Of course, I would have loved to hear him talk about his work for Canonical.
BTW, if you've watch his UDS interview or his hackergotchi this might be shocking news to you - Søren has cut off his ponytail!!

Anyway, back on a more serious track again. Mads Chr. Olesen talked about remote controlling computers in various ways. He mentioned VNC (Virtual Network Computing), SSH and MultiADM. Since I had no knowledge on this topic I also found this session very enlightening. MultiADM is Mads’s own project for managing and updating installations of various systems. Currently supported is Debian-based/Ubuntu systems, Typo3 (CMS) and Wordpress. The first release just made it to Launchpad this weekend!

The group photo includs a big cardboard Tux:

(Photo by Martin Jensen)
If this isn't scary enough, click here for a larger image.

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