Apr 8, 2009

"We're Linux" Contest Finalists Announced

Monday evening, the Linux Foundation's Amanda McPherson revealed the identities of the lucky finalists in the "We're Linux" video competition . The contest, launched in January, received over 90 submissions from Penguinistas worldwide. Finalists were determined based on community voting and input from a panel of open source and media personalities.

The winner and two runners-up will be announced tomorrow at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. The overall winner will be traveling, courtesy of the Linux Foundation, to Tokyo, Japan in October to participate in the Linux Foundation Japan Linux Symposium (which is co-located with the Linux Kernel Summit this year).

The contest was spawned from the idea that other software companies were paying millions of dollars to celebrities for endorsements, while Linux was promoted and shared by enthusiastic, passionate, actual users. Contestants were given a simple directive: tell the Linux Foundation what Linux is for you, why you use it, and why you'd encourage others to do the same. Humor and professional production quality weren't required -- it just had to be genuine.

McPherson says the winners will be announced the evening (Pacific time) of April 8th. The video entries (both finalists and the wider contestant pool) are available for your viewing pleasure at the Linux Foundation's video portal site.

Below is the video "The future is open" which is one of the five contest finalist videos. I don't like the fact that the video below compares Linux to Windows (instead of an anonymous OS), but besides that I think it's really good.

View the five finalists here...

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