Apr 30, 2009

Imagine Ubuntu 9.10

The image is from 60-most-execellent-ubuntu-wallpapers

Imagine this:
As you click the power button on your computer, a beautiful bootscreen appears on the screen in front of you. You could sit there and watch the boot animation all day, but within seconds the shiny, seamless and flicker-free boot presents you with an intriguing, interactive and animated login promt. As the desktop panels appear you hear the new light, clean and smooth login sound. A transparent notification bubble appears, with a wireless icon and the text “Connected to Yoyodyne”, as your notebook successfully connects to the wireless network.

Yes, this is Ubuntu 9.10 and the features that provided the experience was:
Faster boot
Login experience (Face browser)

If you’re wondering why I mentioned new system sounds, let me just eradicate any expectations you might have. Nothing has been proposed by Canonical, but I will do everything I can to submit a new set. Hopefully something that will be very high quality and just as memorable as it is different this time.

There's a long list of features that didn't make it into 9.04 which is currently planed for 9.10. Join the discussion about features in Koala on the Ubuntuforums.org in the thread Interesting features in Koala?

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