Aug 16, 2009

Compiz Approaching 0.9 Beta

Sam Spilsbury (a.k.a smspillaz) announced yesterday that the much beloved Compiz is now very close to a 0.9 Beta in terms of functionality. About 80% of the Compiz 0.8 plugins have been ported in some form to Compiz++ although some plugins are currently broken in some way which makes them unusable. Some of the larger plugins have not yet been ported. As implied by the name, Compiz++ is no longer written in C, but its core has been recoded in C++. Rewriting Compiz in C++ allows for smart functions, easier and smarter private systems, easier initialization and clean-up, and there are numerous other advantages. Developers will be posting what they have been working on within the next few days. Here's a list of the work that still needs to be done:

  • Desktop Cube
  • Rotate Cube
  • DBUS
  • Video

  • Colorfilter
  • EZoom (which I am working on right now)
  • Group (This one is a bit of a hotcake)
  • Ring
  • Shift
  • Session
  • Workarounds

  • Bicubic filtering
  • Stackswitch
  • Firepaint
  • Showmouse
  • Animation Addons

    Pretty much everything else is almost done or has bugs, unless specified above. I have no idea what the Compiz roadmap looks like towards version 1.0, but let's hope it will be ready for Karmic+1 (Ubuntu 10.04). For now I'm very much looking forward to the next Compiz release.

    1. Mh.. let's say GNOME 3 will make it into 10.4 - will mutter just replace metacity, or will it replace both metacity and compiz?

      there's the same diversity as with gnome shell and notify-osd. =/ dont know, if it's too good, that the projects are working seperately still.

      time will tell :) anyways: nice news

    2. Bratwursler wrote: "Mh.. let's say GNOME 3 will make it into 10.4" -> I'm sure it won't ;-) 10.04 is LTS

    3. BTW, nice copy and paste with the list of plugins ;-)

      Slight update on this - The person working on the cube plugin will be back early sept to finish it off.

      Also, we are looking at a core 0.9.0 release rather than a full release. There is just too much work to be done.

    4. So, this is why we havent seen updates for so long? Theyre porting the program to C++