Aug 7, 2009

More Animations...

I've created a few new animations.

The text could be better in this first one, so suggestion are very welcome. Perhaps I should replace the cold blue color with something more Ubuntu style, like orange or yellow?
You can't really see that the words dissolve into letters because of the low resolution and compression :-(

Here's yet another video with absolutely no purpose at all. Just messing around with some plugin effects.

The last one is actually a mockup of the new design for the Ubiquity slideshow, (read more in my previous blogpost) that hopefully will land in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. I must stress that this is NOT how the final slideshow will look. Again the resolution and compression makes it look a little dull. More info about the project here:


  1. nice videos :D
    with what app do you create videos?

  2. I like the animations, but, I'm sure that isn't made in linux, I hope someday we will enjoy do the same in some software GNU...