Aug 17, 2009

A New GNOME Control Center?

I love all the UI work and clean-up that is going on in the Linux world at the moment. Whenever a new application get's written, the UI is carefully thought through.

Recently F-Spot recieved some UI love, GIMP 2.8 is planed to introduce many user-interface improvements, new Banshee is getting a clutter based Netbook-focused interface and just today I came across a proposal for a new GNOME control center working on the preferences menus.
Without even compareing the Gnome preferences menus to the Windows Vista or Windows 7 control center, everyone will agree that the Gnome preferences menus is an unfriendly mess.

A design effort at Sun led by Kristin Travis and Jenya Gestrin has been working to 'advance' the preferences menus. Their goal is to show how the current preferences menus could change to a more simpler and direct launcher and it is looking very slick.

There's a Flash prototype (2.37 MB) showing some of the variations that were considered along the way.


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