Aug 24, 2009

Sneak Peak On Firefox Multitouch Events

Felipe Gomes demonstrates in his latest blogpost the progress of multitouch support for Firefox, and here’s a video which showcases some possible interactions and use cases for what web pages and webapps can do with a multitouch device.

Felipe writes:
We’re working on exposing the multitouch data from the system to regular web pages through DOM Events, and all of these demos are built on top of that. They are simple html pages that receives events for each touch point and use them to build a custom multitouch experience.

We’ll also add CSS support to detect touchscreen devices. Using the pseudo-selector :-moz-system-metric(touch-enabled), you can apply specific styles for your page only if it’s viewed by a touchscreen user. That, along with physical CSS units (cm or in), makes it possible to adjust your webapp for a touchscreen experience.

Check out a short video with the demos in action (.ogg), .mp4 and some screenshots for reference (I added some marks to the images showing where the contact points are).

Read the entire post here...


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