Aug 21, 2009

Looking for Linux Compatible Hardware?

The news site Phoronix, has announced that they are considering setting up an Internet shop to help people with shopping for Linux compatible hardware and computer parts that are open-source friendly. This will be a Linux store running in conjunction with and their associates program.

This Phoronix shop would allow individuals to easily find hardware that will run with modern desktop Linux distributions along with computer hardware that does or does not require the use of binary drivers and also hardware that has been tested at Phoronix or where there are performance numbers available through Phoronix Global.
You can think of it as a donation - every time you buy something though their store, they will earn up to 15% in referrals, but you will pay the same price as you would directly from Amazon.

I know the Linux Action Show has a similar Amazon store where you can buy the equipment they use to record the show. With Phoronix providing lots of in-depth review, news and tests this would be a fantastic addition.


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