Aug 24, 2009

Kupfer Launches Linux Files and Applications Quickly

If the graphical demands of Linux launchers GNOME-Do or AWN are too much for your needs, Kupfer might be a perfect fit. It works in a similar fashion, but uses only spare resources to do so.

Kupfer doesn't require compositing abilities from your Linux desktop, so any graphics card and most any GNOME-based desktop can get it up and running. Its basic functionality is similar, though—hit your Kupfer shortcut (Ctrl+Space by default), type the first few letters of a file, folder, or application you're looking to run or open, and Kupfer opens a two-panel window. The left-hand pane shows a result, while the right-hand spot lets you run, open, delete, "favorite," or otherwise manipulate the file. Like AWN and GNOME-Do, Kupfer is powered by plug-ins, which roll in as developers catch on.

Kupfer requires a semi-manual install, detailed at the Lazy Ubuntu via link. It asks for, and requests, an uncommon Python package called keybindings, but a link explaining how to manually set a keyboard shortcut for Kupfer can be found at Kupfer's main page. It's a free download for Linux systems only.

Get it here...


  1. I've been using it for a while after removing mono in an experiment (yeah, it's still off, have yet to find anything that's worth installing it for).

    It's quite nice.

  2. I really like Kupfer over Deskbar, and especially gnome-do (crippled ubuntu, had to remove it.) Too bad there aint any deb files for Jaunty though.

    My one gripe with Kupfer is that some icons aren't rendered that pretty. They look "pixelated". If anyone knows how to fix this.. please help! :)