Aug 18, 2009

Third Look&Feel Proposal For Boot And GDM Theme

As a followup on my post Proposed look-and-feel for boot and gdm theme, I just wanted to let you know that a third proposal has been uploaded. At a first glance it looks like only the color was changed. When you look closely you'll see the small enhancements like glow, borders, etc. the Canonical artteam has changed since the first demo.

Besides the small changes in the details, I think Canonical will stick with this design without any radically changes. I've really got nothing against brown, but this third demo is really brown, but honestly I was hoping for some more colorful proposal. I even submitted a few mockups to the Karmic Boot Experience wiki. So, I guess the best way to express my assessment can be summed up with one sentence: "close but no cigar".

View all the Canonical's mockups for this third demo here:
Ubuntu Karmic boot demo and proposed GDM theme – Iteration 3


  1. Those menus and buttons (other screens of iteration 3) dont fit... at all O.o

    besides I wonder if they are really able to implement it. ;)

    ah and really appreciate the details (borders) of u'r proposals..

  2. I like this GDM, but I thought karmic karmic koala was going ot move away from the orange/brown?

    But anything this nice, clean and professional would be awesome, I just want Ubuntu to move in the opposite change of the current GDM. I liked it at first but just don't like at anymore and I can't pin point why.