Aug 17, 2009

Danish Satellite Providers In GPL/LGPL Violation

I live in Denmark where the GPL/LGPL violation case against the satellite and cable boxes from Viasat, Yousee and Stofa is ongoing.

The number of satellite and cable boxes on the Danish market using Linux has significantly increased during the last couple of years. The providers Viasat, Yousee and Stofa all provide HD receivers based on Linux, and all of them fail to provide the source code or make customers aware of the fact that the units are based on GPL licensed software. You can follow the case here."

Open Source people are by nature not a group who want or need to carry out lengthy cases. In other industries, there are different ways to conduct business and tries to push every single dollar out of its licenses, but this is all about free software.

If you read and understand Danish, read the Comon article here...

Source: Slashdot

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