Feb 15, 2009

Air and KDE 4.3.

Nuno Pinheiro has recently written a blogpost about Air and KDE 4.3. He writes:

...The first thing we started working on was a Plasma theme. Plasma, with it's immense plasticity and a fantastic coder team, allows us to try to push for new ideas.

Another extremely cool thing about Plasma is it's ability to become anything you want it to be. So a user in KDE 4.3 might have a desktop that looks like this, if that is his wish, without having to use external software:

This is an example of how simple one can make a desktop in the 4.3 Plasma once we all manage to get all of our plans working. The new systray speck will help, the work being done on the task bar will allow you for different ways to sort your running/ruanbe apps, etc etc...
KDE will very shortly become the desktop you need and not the desktop we think you need. And I find that very very exciting.

A visual guide is available that shows off some of the recent improvements in KDE 4.

Soruce: http://pinheiro-kde.blogspot.com/

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