Feb 7, 2009

Ubuntu Wanted website

As mentioned earlier, I've been working on a new proposal for the Ubuntu Wanted site. I've already created the theme that is currently used on the test site. However the design seems to lack a professionel touch, which I'm hoping this new design will bring.
You can follow the discussion on the Ubuntu-website mailinglist.

This is the most recent mockup of the website:


  1. Great work, keep it up! I wish I knew more about web development so that I could help you. Any jobs that don't involve coding (or theming)?

  2. I certainly think so - I'm only involved with the artwork side. There's not a fully developed plan for the interface (what information do the user need to see, how does this work with LaunchPad and so on.)

    Anyway, you should ask Sense, he has an overview of the entire project.

    Thanks for the feedback :-)

  3. Tremendous work on the evolution of the mocks Mads!

    Top shelf on all counts, and a wonderful departure from what I have been seeing in the Ubuntu website world.

    My only thought would be to perhaps watch your gridding alignment. For example, the 'Home' link above the main panel is probably more well suited to align with the edges of the figures.

    Rico did a wonderful presentation on using Phi to control your grids... check it out at:

    Looks like the old western feeling heading entry into all of this wonderful work now needs to be rethought...

  4. Hey troy-sobotka.
    Thanks for the kind comment. The theme redesign is currently on hold, but I'll keep your ideas in mind.

    Thanks for the link :-)