Feb 8, 2009

Breathe Icon Set - A call for help

Yesterday, Cory Kontros posted a development/announcement thread on the Ubuntu forum, because the Breathe Icon set is looking for help. Currently there are only 2 people working on this set. The project is still very young, but off to a good start. All the icons are available as SVGs, which means that they are scalable. The forum thread reads:

Breathe Icon Set is a new effort to create a set of icons mixing the modern style of KDEs "Oxygen" icons with Ubuntu's "Human" set. Oxygen is a good, comprehensive and modern icon set. It doesn't have overly heavy outlines like Tango, but for our needs, it lacks the "Human-touch". So we will use it as a starting point.

We start with a base Oxygen set and replace the icons as suitable ones are created. The idea is to create as modern a set as Oxygen but with that distinctly Human feel.
Also, this set aims to one day be considered for a default replacement for the Human set but is in no way dependent on it.

The set is constantly evolving so what's here one day might not be the next. So try to keep any aesthetic ranting to a minimum. (especially if you offer up no alternative that you sit down and create)

Other info links:
* Launchpad page
* Wiki
* Mailing List

People wanting to help with the creation of this set are encouraged to join the Ubuntu artwork mailing list and read over the wiki for resources.

Read the full post on the Ubuntu Forum


  1. i 0dnt like em so i cant help you.

    i am out of touch really. while i support higer DPI dsiplays and higher DPI elemnts for the GUI i cannot stand photorealistic logos. like on osx and now here

  2. oh forget to say thank you for contirbuting your times and hard works and talents to ubuntu. i love the project and i love FOSS as well as gnu linux.