Feb 17, 2009

What's MacSlow' Surprise?

Mirco "MacSlow" Müller, also known as "the king of bling", just released a very short blogpost where he reveals that something slick and stylish coming you way within the next few hours. The post is titled Surprise, surprise.

Mirco Müller is known for his work on the GDM login experience which we hope will land in Jaunty +1, but he will also be involved in the Plymouth development for Ubuntu.

As with all the amazing work of Mirco Müller, I'm really looking forward to this surprise. I will of course follow up on the story as more details are revealed. My guess is that he is talking about the new notification system. If you've got any idea what he is talking about, post your guesses below.

1 comment:

  1. it's the notification thing, he said so in comments