Feb 5, 2009

Benchmarked: Ubuntu vs Vista vs Windows 7

Recent and controversial benchmarks for Windows 7 leave an important question unanswered: 'Is it faster than GNU/Linux?' Here, at last, is a benchmark that pits Ubuntu, Vista and Windows 7 against each other on the same modern hardware. From install time to GUI efficiency, Ubuntu beats Windows and is often twice as fast. Where Windows 7 is competitive, the difference is something the average user would not notice. The average GNU/Linux user is now getting better absolute performance from their computer as well as better value than the average Windows user.

The tests performed for each operating system were:

* How long does each operating system take to install?
* How much disk space was used in the standard install?
* How long does boot up and shutdown take?
* How long does it take to copy files from USB to HD, and from HD to HD?
* How fast can it execute the Richards benchmark?

The test also kept track of, something as unusual as, how many mouse clicks it took to install each OS.

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Source: Slashdot

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