Feb 2, 2009

Epidermis Theme Manager Needs Your Help

If you're still searching for beatuful themes there's now a new tool that will make your life easier.
Epidermis Theme Manager is an open source GTK application for managing, automatically downloading and installing themes of various types, in order to transform the look of your Linux desktop, from the moment you turn it on until the moment you turn it off. Take a look at the screenshot.

More screenshots here...

An Epidermis skin handles the following themes, called pigments:

* Wallpapers
* Metacity window border themes
* GTK widget themes
* Icon sets
* GNOME splash images
* Mouse cursor themes
* Grub bootsplash screen
* Usplash bootsplash screen
* GDM login screen

So, how can you help?
One of the easiest ways to contribute to Epidermis' development is by make pigments (themes) for Epidermis. Just grab your favorite themes and turn them into epidermis-compatible pigments using the Epidermis Creator. Then send them in. Pigments that fit together to make a skin are particularly interesting.

Translate it to your favorite language:
Translating is easy, just create a Launchpad account and head over to translations.launchpad.net/epidermis, translation is open to anyone so you can start right away!

Find bugs and report them:
Just like most free software projects, Epidermis has a bug tracker so that problems can be identified quickly and properly addressed.

Design a better GUI:
If you think you can make the graphical user interface more intuitive and know how to improve a program's usability, Epidermis could use your suggestions. Here are some of the ideas for a GUI, send yours in!

Contribute code:
Put your hacker's hat on and start coding. If you know Python and PyGTK, you're perfect for the job. Just grab the Epidermis bzr branch off launchpad and upload it as your own personnel branch, no commit permissions required. Once your branch is ready, request a merge.

Visit the site: http://epidermis.tuxfamily.org/

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