Feb 4, 2009

Linux Ear Candy

That's right, ear- and not eye-candy this time. A new project called "Ear Candy" has seen the daylight. Ear Candy is a sound level manager that nicely fades applications in and out based on there profile and window focus.

What works now :
- All volume adjustments are fades
- Fade out music/video players on Skype call
- Fade to music player with focus when more than one
- Fade out music player when video playing
- Fade to left or right based on window position (How useful is this.... well its fun to play with)
- Pref UI for creating rules

Goals to aim for:
- Mute all clients on suspend / hibernate
- More default rules covering common apps, totem, mplayer, ekiga, skype, firefox etc

For more information, visit the project page on LaunchPad

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