May 2, 2009

Notification Enhancements For 9.10

The new notifications, that were introduced in Jaunty, will continue to improve in the Karmic Koala cycle. Below is showed a blueprint for Notify OSD enhancements:

For the next six months, we are looking at improving Notify OSD in several areas:
* experimenting with better positioning for the notification bubbles
* improving the appearance and behavior (making composited bubbles more obviously unclickable, and non-composited bubbles classier)
* implementing the duration rules, so that notifications with longer text are shown for longer
* better handling of long backlogs of notifications
* investigating whether we can use non-critical priorities for anything useful
* helping to get the notifications specification to 1.0
* a Qt implementation
* investigating a "do-not-disturb" mode
* accessibility, e.g. sound theme compliance and maybe alt text for icons
* media key confirmation bubbles (Play, Pause, Previous, Next)
* suppressing bubbles when any window is full-screen
* a test suite for the rendering layer.

The notifications is also taking up a lot of space on the Ayatana mailinglist. Join the discussion on the Ayatana mailinglist

1 comment:

  1. Well, I landed here because I searching for a way to change the hideous behavior of the notification system. It's horrible. The damn thing appears and there is no way to get rid of it. Try to click on it, and it disappears, only to reappear when the mouse is moved away. It takes some 10 seconds from the OSD appearing to going away. Delightful.

    Well, at least that's how it works on my UNR 9.10. I hope my install is broken, because I seriously worry about anyone who'd think this system is a good idea.