Feb 18, 2009

Notifications In The Wild

As Vadi posted in the comments on the previous post "What's MacSlow' Surprise?", Mirco Müller was talking about the new notification-daemon, which is now available in Jaunty.

As a small test just try to write the following command in the terminal: notify-send "Great news at:" "AnotherUbuntu.Blogspot.com" -i totem

The new notification daemon displays notifications in a black box (regardless of what your theme looks like). When Mark Shuttleworth bloged about the new notification system, he made it clear that we may see glitches and inconsistencies, even ideas that just doesn't work in the wild. Here's a quote from his post:

...Since this is clearly the work of several releases, we may have glitches and inconsistencies along the way at interim checkpoints. I hope not, but it’s not unlikely, especially in the first iteration. Also, these ideas may turn out to be poor, and we should be ready to adjust our course based on feedback once we have an implementation in the wild.

It's good to know that Canonical is and will respond to user-feedback. Jaunty is still in Alpha, so a lot of things can still change before the final release. Remember the feature freeze is tomorrow so everything thats going to ship has to be there (working or not), bug fixing now becoming the main priority. We're looking forward to more slick changes from the DX-team in the future.


  1. My notifiers doesnt look like that at all... Just like they always have.

  2. Thanks for the screenshots.

  3. what font are you using in that first screenshot?

  4. ViperOf17 -> Don't know - the screenshots was taken from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1074391