May 13, 2009

Canonical gets a new Design Lead

Julian Hubbard (the creative lead of the design and user experience team) started working for Canonical in November 2008, and just this week Julian has decided to move on to new pastures.

Ivanka Majic
has taken on the lead of the Design and User Experience team. Ivanka has a first degree is in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Human Centred Computer Systems. She is half Croatian and half English, and have lived most of her life in the UK but lived in Yugoslavia from when she was 8 until 16.



  1. Is the Apple logo on her laptop a good sign or a bad sign? :P

  2. That is a mac book air. I'm sure its running the stock OS, hopefully it's at least dual booting Ubuntu...

  3. I'm wondering too but it is probably good sign.

  4. So no one here is hearing the alarm bells. Let's see... do the math... Julian didn't even complete a year of durating at Canonical. Formally trained with a vision.

    I had the highest hopes with Julian - he seemed like the 'real deal' and I am still convinced that he is. His resignation / departure / etc. should be speaking loud and clear.

    Unfortunately everyone is apparently missing it.