May 12, 2009

Extra Wallpaper Package for Karmic

Today Kenneth Wimer posted a message to the Ubuntu-art mailinglist about an extra wallpaper package for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala).

Other operating systems offer an extra selection of desktop backgrounds to their users. Often they are based on different "themes" typically applied to photography (nature, for instance).

For Karmic we would like to include a set of high quality desktop backgrounds which are organized according to a predefined set of adjectives which describe emotional atmospheres, slogans (so to speak) for the way an image makes you feel.

In order to accomplish this we call on anyone and everyone to submit images which are freely licensed and follow the guidelines for inclusion.

Let me know if you have any ideas for improving this idea, or if you'd like to help coordinate things, etc.

As you might remember I posted a small collection of photos titled the "Ubuntu Wallpaper Photo Pack” earlier. I really do hope this will land in 9.10 with success.

Microsoft included a very large package of wallpapers in the Widndows 7 release candidate, which was recently released. Although it includes some very beautiful photos, I find a lot of the wallpapers too distracting to be used as desktop background - great artwork, but bad desktop backgrounds. I'm sure Ubuntu won't make such a mistake.
You can find the Windows 7 RC wallpapers here:



  1. Yay! I LOVE photography and I have my own pictures I'd like to send. Where can I submit them?

  2. Dacid Moraes -> You can submit work images at: