May 19, 2009

Revampeing Logo For Déjà Dup

On the Gnome ArtRequest page (Fantastic page! Why doesn't Ubuntu's artteam have such a thing?) I read Déjà Dup could use a revamped logo. Thanks to Andreas Nilsson and his Gnome Planet blogpost for pointing out "10 ways for an artist to contribute to the GNOME Project". You can see the current Déjà Dup logo above. This the GNOME 'refresh' image superimposed on the GNOME hard drive image. I have no idea if the ideas (see below) I suggested works any better as metaphor for 'backup program'.

This is not me being brilliant - I just stumbled across Cucusoft's Restore iTunes from backup which I used as model. Simply adding Tango icons, isn't exactly brilliant work for the creative mind, but I think the metaphor works very well.

I also did a few other attempts, though most of them was not worth wasting your time with. If you don't like the "lifesaver" metaphor, perhaps you will like the "safe" better.

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