May 20, 2009

Some Interesting Bits...

While we already have covered the very impressive Moblin V2 user interface, there's still a lot more to be blogged about over time. Today Michael Meeks blogged about some fun bits at Novell.
Anjal (Read the in depth blogpost by Srinivasa Ragavan) of course, but also Aaron has been working away at 'Cubano' - a new Banshee front-end using Clutter (I love everything that rimes with Clutter), and Tambet has been creating a simple, easy-to-use new UI for NetworkManager called Carrick - along with some great 3G information parsing stuff. Hopefully these guys'll blog about this shortly. Of course - a lot of the design and flair in the UIs has come from Intel's excellent UI team.

Besides all that, Ubuntu Developer Summit is approaching and as usual I will be providing you with news, links, videos and all the juicy details from UDS.

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