May 6, 2009


I enjoy podcasts. In fact, I listen to podcasts every week, because I have a one hour drive to work. My favorite show is (of course) the Linux Action Show with Chris and Bryan. The second place is held by the Ubuntu UK podcast, which I find very informative and funny. The Ubuntu Podcast (not to be mistaken for the Ubuntu UK podcast) seems a bit too casual for me (some might even say unprofessional), sitting in their couch drinking beer. Anyway, I really do like the interviews they’ve been conducting lately. To keep up with the world of proprietary Microsoft software, I enjoy listening to Paul Thurrott’s show.

Today, I came across a new podcast titled the Kernel Podcast by Jon Masters.
Jon Masters writes:
"I've started recording a daily summary podcast of Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) traffic. It's in MP3 format (for the benefit of car stereos, including my empeg, and iPhone/iPod users) with an Ogg Vorbis format version to follow next week, and text versions of the script I read from will be available too for those who want to help with translation — or just prefer not listening to audio. It's an experiment at this stage and may not continue to be daily in the longer term unless I can build a team of willing volunteers to help find items worth including from the day's traffic, write the daily script, record it, and so forth. But it's proving to be a useful exercise in forcing myself to be up to date with LKML. I've had around 5,000 downloads in a first several days, and a lot of positive feedback, so I think this is filling a void and may prove to be useful. If you'd like to help get involved drop me a line at, or tweet @kernelpodcast."

This is a great idea for a show, though it’s kind of geeky – but I guess all Linux users love that. What do you listen to?


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