May 28, 2009

GiftWrap 0.1 is here!

Vadim Peretokin has announced the release of GiftWrap 0.1, a user-friendly package maker.

What is GiftWrap?
GiftWrap is a hassle-free way to create Ubuntu packages. It is designed for anyone who deals with distributing software - be it theme artists, software developers, or anyone else. In the future, it will support updating of existing packages, uploading to PPA's split packages and more.

It stems from the (now dead) Deb Creator project, with a complete rewrite planned in the near future.

What is planned?
A lot of things, including a redesign of the interface and a host of improved functionality. See the roadmap a more detailed view, or just subscribe to the news feed to stay updated.

How can I help?
See the contribute page. Any help is welcome, thanks!


  1. when i've tried the .deb and the ppa.
    i get no icon to load the program on the menu, and when i'm trying to load it from the terminal i get this:

    dor@dor-laptop:~$ giftwrap

    ** (giftwrap:30690): CRITICAL **: Unable to find dh_make script.
    Please check your installation.
    Error: /usr/bin//dh_make not found.

    i pot it in the project site too.

  2. The 0.11 release addresses both of these issues. Give it a try!