May 19, 2009

The Moblin V2 User Interface Is Very Impressive

It was back in January when we first got excited for Moblin 2.0, seeing how fast this Linux distribution had booted on Atom-powered netbooks. And in April the Linux Foundation took control of Moblin project.

While Moblin 2.0 final is not yet released, there is now more to get excited over than just amazing boot times. Moblin 2.0 will introduce a Clutter-based user interface and from our initial encounters with this release, it is very impressive! (click the video below to see what it looks like).

The interface is well designed, OpenGL-based, easy to use, and should pique the interest of those users that have never even touched Linux. While this is described as a beta release, for the most part the interface is polished and we encountered very few application bugs.

Phoronix has an indepth article with more information on this new UI along with screenshots and videos.


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