May 3, 2009

Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 9.10

It looks like Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) will be released roughly about the same time.

Ubuntu 9.10 is currently planed for October the 29 and Acer has recently confirmed that Windows 7 will be available pre-loaded on their new all-in-one Z5600 PC from the 23 October 2009, not by the end of January 2010 as Microsoft has been previously suggesting.

Although some rumors have put the OS' release closer to the end of 2009, Microsoft has yet to officially confirm that the software will be launched sooner than the 3-years-after-Vista timescale.

Acer also confirmed to us that any Vista-based models purchased in the 30 days prior to this date will be eligible for Microsoft's free upgrade programme.

"23rd October is the date the Windows 7 will be available. There is a 30 day upgrade time so that customers don't wait to buy a new computer, so if you buy during that 30 day period, you'll get a free upgrade to Windows 7", Bobby Watkins, Acer's UK MD told Pocket-lint.

Talking about their new all-in-one model, the Z5600 PC, specifically designed for Windows 7, the company revealed that the Asus Eee Top rival, will actually be shipping at the end of September to be in stores for people to "touch and feel".

So, will Ubuntu 9.10 be able to compete with Microsofts new flagship? I'm sure it will!

Paul Thurrotts WinSuperSite has some great articles, review and screenshot galleries from Windows 7:


  1. ubuntu 9.04 has already beaten windows 7 by miles as it already boots up in 12 seconds while windows 7 will only boot up in 15.the ubuntu team would have released ubuntu 9.10 by the time windows 7 will be released and windows 7 will still get all the viruses and hackers while ubuntu will be safe as it has always been.

  2. Wow David you're stupid as f*ck!! Why Windows 7 is booting slower is because it's a real OS not a home made geek developed OS... but you're undeveloped brain does not and will not understand the fact. Microsoft got hundreds maybe thousands of developers that works every day and making Windows better compared to Ubuntu which is created by a few dumb asses at Cannonical.. just realize fact, idiot.

  3. Marcus Wiberg -> We may not always agree, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior and poor manners.

  4. Marcus Wiberg:- I completely agree with MadsRH .... there are always different views for any arguement but that does not warrant for the use of foul language....

  5. Marcus Wiberg -> I agree with MadsRH... there are always difference of opinions but that does not warrant the use of foul language.

  6. er --- to the person who said windows was better due the fact that they have more fully trained developers, I know of some Linux developers who WORK for microsoft related companies who are FULLY trained. They also won't have some dopey project manager sending them insane while they are developing for linux makeing them make less mistakes.

  7. wow... talk about a defensive windows user....
    Im in the middle... I use windows for gaming only, and linux for everything else... It is no secret that ubuntu benchmarks vs windows 7 in its current form is a fair bit better, afterall... ubuntu is definately lighter than 7, although 7 is a majjooorrrrr improvement over Vista.
    as for the comment about a few dumb asses from canoncial who program ubuntu... you are sadly mistaken..... in the linux world the code is OPEN, anybody and everybody can view and improve it if your a developer... its not just canoncial that put code into ubuntu... but the WHOLE linux community that contribute and pass on code to All other distrubutions of Linux. We are talking about THOUSANDS of programmers from All around the world that help improve linux... I don't think it would be an over exageration to say that windows code has proven over the years that it is not any better than linux code... afterall, which is more stable? not that im knocking windows, because i use both, but you think that microsoft have super talented developers working on windows and linux have a few un educated developers working on linux, which is not the truth. In saying that, Windows 7 looks like its going to be a great release, better than any other windows version in the past. But for me, Linux is still the better Operating System. If it wasn't for 2 games on windows, I wouldn't need windows at all. ahwell... its all good though, Valve/Steam are starting to support linux so we are going to see alot more Games in linux in the next few years. Plus Mono will enable future apps/games to be cross compatible no matter what the platform is.

  8. I spent almost ten years working on code to run on Windows often interfacing with the OS and it was a constant battle to get information about how Windows actually worked. Even with the Premier Support guff, it was impossible to get access to the code so we were always trying to figure out how the APIs actually worked (rather than how they were claimed to), identifying the arcane (and sometimes unstated) function parameters, negotiating all sorts of stupid security clashes. In many cases we discovered that unless you managed to track down the actual developer who wrote the MS code, no-one had any idea how it worked. We were constantly trying to overcome engineered-in performance problems, incompatibilities, legacy issues, in the context of insufficient information and official ambiguity.

    Contrast that with the thousands of very professional engineers who wrote and continue to improve the Ubuntu code and you'll see it's a different world. The Ubuntu code is open to anyone to inspect and improve but that improvement is based on acceptance by the user community, not some program manager in Redmond trying to mesh development cycles with the release of the latest cash cow.

    The developers at MS are hamstrung of course. Their counterparts in the Ubuntu community are not, and that's why Ubuntu generates excellent OS design - if it doesn't work, it's fixed. In MS, if it doesn't work, it gets the cheapest sticking plaster available. Ubuntu engineers are setting the bar for excellence that MS needs to aim for.

  9. One thing though, Ubuntu and several other linux distros boot faster than windows because windows is loaded with tons of stuff to support drivers, the registry, their NTFS partition table that is space hungry, the way ubuntu is designed is supposed to be lighter compared to windows, just look at the UI in windows and ubuntu , of course windows will take a while more than ubuntu or other *nixes ,
    These hype about windows suck, linux is better, FreeBSD is better than both has to stop, one thing we should all know is that the creator of linux Linus Torvalds said himself in an interview that : most people are not concerned how their OS work, they just want it to work right away ..... " Windows since its beginnings has pushed for GUI , merging GUI into the core, unlike Linux , command line is separated from GUI , if the GUI crashes , the system doesnt need to crash, unlike windows, if the GUI crashes the system goes down, but i guess thats the price an OS has to pay to become more popular than the other, so Unless MS becomes like unix , they will have a secure OS, and unless Linux becomes more GUI oriented like MS , they will be more popular .

  10. Major companies write drivers for Windows. Linux hackers reverse engineer over the course of several months a driver that is buggy and works part of the time.

    Your best friend down the road is satisfied he can browse youtube full screen with his Vista pre-installed laptop.

    You spend many sleepless nights trying to get the right combination of video driver and Xwindows server working together.

    Your friend just bought a new game that doesn't work so well on his integraited graphics chip. But there is a new driver available that offers a little more performance. He enjoys his game.

    You just upgraded to the beta release of your freeOS. Now your mouse don't work but you have better full screen graphics ability watching youtube. A new update is available and you decided to get it. Your sound is acting weird and Xwindows hangs occasionally. You decided to reinstall.

    Your friend down the road has been playing a new java/flash game on scifi channel. You can't seem to play it because of the flash problems.

    You're up late and your making it into work late.

    Does this sound like you?

    It probably is.

    The mistake made by distributions of Linux is that they don't have a proper testing environment. Companies are testing on the lastest hardware for them. Most users are switching distributions.

    So get some sleep. The computer is a tool not a life support mechanism. YOu don't need it. You're killing yourselves for nothing. As Tyler durden said, all you ever make will end up as shet.

  11. I believe ubuntu is made by milions of people considering its open source and people can just send in their suggestions. im using ubuntu right now and I can say with confidence I'll never go back to a system where its prom to spyware, virus and of course the slowing down of the system after 6 months. no more of that for me!!!

  12. I am not a techie or a geek. I am the "Joe Six Pack" PC user that surfs the web, uses e-mail and very rarely gets into the technical side of things. I have never used another operating system other than windows. However, I have been keeping track of and learning about Ubuntu, and to a lesser degree, other linux based OS's for at least 4 years. They seem to just get better and better, whereas windows seems bogged down and unable to do anything but rehash their former Os's. So I'm taking the plunge. I ordered my first FREE Ubuntu 9.04 OS disk a few days ago. If it's half what everyone says it's cracked up to be I will be more than happy to discard virus plagued and overpriced Microsoft.

    Also, I notice that just about every so called defender of Windows on these forums seem very mean spirited which leads me to believe they are in their death throws because they know deep down that the end is near. I think it might be a good time to jump ship. I'll let you all know how Ubuntu works out for me in a few weeks...

  13. The ONLY reason someone will still use Windows after trying UBUNTU is because there is some application they need, and cant get free source. Thats it. Its faster, cleaner, and just better. Period. But unfortunately, Windows is a reality for now. So dual-boot is the sad scenario we are stuck in. Windows developers are always playing catch-up (right from the beginning.) Vista was a panic-driven release, and now they will release 7, viruses, and slow-running pc's will continue to plague us.

  14. It's incredible how dumb can people be. Always split into two groups, one composed of linux fanatics, screaming about viruses, security and proprietary software; second composed of windows fanatics shouting how stupid opensource is and how is linux developed by a bunch of uneducated dumbasses. Why doesn't everybody simply shut up and start using the OS he/she likes the most? We live in a world where we can choose, so choose your OS and stop complaining about everyone else, who uses something you don't like.

  15. I use computers daily as I work in hardware. few years ago I switched to Ubuntu and have to say that I really did like it. I have been a windows user from MS-DOS to Vista!
    But no matter how much I like Ubuntu, I kept coming back to the same problems with it! I use a lot of video calling with MSN clients, use PC's to back up/restore/update mobile phones and not to mention use USB HSDPA broadband dongles. None of this is really easy on Ubutnu. It's too much of a hassle to even try it. If you can't just fix the webcam you got on the OS, then it's a real trouble.
    So no matter how much I like Ubuntu, I always had to go back to Windows!
    I am hoping so much that Ubuntu developers will find a way to make it easier for the user to do these common things. I'm sure after that Ubuntu will get the place it deserves.

  16. Ubuntu is Certainly better than Windows i have been using it for over a year and no problem.Despite being a new os it supports my ancient pc with full speed and xp is still sluggish and gets viruses and i remember the time when i used to reformat the computer every restart because of BSoD,with Ubuntu Such thing never happend.
    I'm Still Dual Booting Windows Xp Because of Games.

  17. it's just a tjing of time; the market it's opening for ubuntu, and soon we'll have more drivers, apps, commercial games and services.

    Maybe not MS Office or WLM, but why not Photoshop, Acrobat, AutoCAD and more specialized programs like medical consulting programs at a commercial level


  18. if it was not for some good flightsims, i would never bother to boot vista. now i am using vista alone since i am not doing any serious project works. if one is an impatient type who wants to get satisfied in just getting things done without actually hacking it, vista will be good

  19. You know, in ubuntu you can run a virtual desktop, so windows can run in ubuntu. You can run pretty much any operating system you want through Ubuntu. No need to dual-boot. I've also installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my Ubuntu laptop, and it works fine. Just installed it through wine and it works like normal.

    Also, aMSN for Ubuntu does the same thing as normal MSN. It auto-detected my built in webcam just fine. So did Kopete and Skype. BTW, Kopete is another chat program for Ubuntu.

    I don't game at all, so I can't really comment about the gaming situation. However, I do know that you can install flash on Ubuntu quite easily, as I've done it. Just go into terminal, enter a line of code that I copied from the Ubuntu forum, and it works like a charm. DivX is the only one I've really had a problem with. The Ubuntu version of that just isn't very good. Luckily, not many places use DivX right now.

    In general, I am very happy with my Ubuntu. The only real problem I've run into is that I can't hook up to the college's wireless because they're using EAP-GTC encryption, and I don't quite know how to configure it. I think I have to write a configuration file, but I don't quite know how to do that, as it's network-specific.

    Wireless at my house works fine. Ubuntu comes standard with most types of encryption, and if it doesn't have what you're looking for, in most cases it's just a simple click to add/remove programs and select the one you want.

    In general, I think Ubuntu is for people who want to learn and figure things out. If you're looking for just a straight out of the box OS to browse the internet and write documents with, Ubuntu wouldn't be a bad choice at all. An hour or two of fine-tweaking and you'd be all set.

    If you want absolutely no hassle at all however, I don't think that any OS at all will be perfect.

  20. Its good to see this never ending debate. And i just want to add some more fuel to the fire. Its not as much a question of Ubuntu (I luv it) or Windows (now closed for myself for last five years, and can now realize how cranky the MS users can get!), as its a societal/ community movement (remember Martin Luther King!) that realizes that we must get our basic tool(the computer) free from the clutches of the likes of microsoft who make money out of nothing but paper ande paper alone, and there are others who help them sell more paper by making more and more proprietary papers, and these creatures would be potential threats to the free flowing information that the society should become.

    All those who are happy playing games and such stuff should just not behave like kids, and keep playing such stuff just because it so coooool on one of those cranky kind of operating systems. You need to look at the generations that are going to come. You need to look at the millions of those who do not have access to computing. And remember operating systems like Ubuntu make such digital divides shrink, while operating systems like Windows (7 or 8 or 9) wold only make few guys richer at the cost millions of the poor.

    Open Source is just not about free software or some kind of stuff which crankies call junk, but its the road to liberation on the highway of information...

    So please wake up. Do not bother which Windows comes and which Windows goes. Use Linux, and force those makers of drivers and Games and Vidoes (who I call indirect army of Windows) to also liberate themselves sooner from the slavery of sorts (we are in 21st century and not the middle ages, and you are playing rats to the Pied Piper. Stop doing that and become Giants unto yourselves...)

    So guys and gals, lets actually wake up...

  21. I used to use Windows XP until I came across Ubuuntu 7.04 then onot 9.04, the reason I stick to Ubuntu 9.04 is simple, it works with no problems like worriyng about the next virus, XP is slow on some programs but in Ubuntu 9.04 I can load in OpenOffice 3.1 in 2.5 seconds, its fast secure and reliable, I can not honestly say that about XP.
    So now I only use XP for a few games and no more than that, I use Ubuntu 9.04 all the others times. In fact I use my PS2 more than I do XP for games. I cant wait for Ubuntu 9.10 to come out to see how that will be.

  22. mmmm, guess not so many people thing about buisness in linux world, yeah, business!!, the problem with linux is that there is no real incentive for hardware/software companies to invest in drivers, games, etc (productivity software is another thing), think as a company, why would I spend 10 million dollars on developing say "assasin's creed", "prototype" or give support for linux comunity for my latest video card/ sound card, web cam, etc, etc, if I don't get any revenuew out of it? with only 1% of the market share, it doesn't justify to invest such amount of money, that is why cisco, creative, nvidia, HTC, motorola, etc, etc never really care so much about providing support for their products on linux world. If and only if, in the near future a company like google, develops a linux based OS that really starts to take over some really good amount or market share, then the rest of the companies will start to support linux, mean while, we will continue to need MS poorly deveoped code, but guess what, it works 99% of the time, slow and uneficient if you want, but it works...

  23. The No. 1 weakness in Linux is probably device drivers for average users, but it can be avoided easily... just go to for linux hardwares.
    Easy! and Cheaper than retail prices!> Computers & Networking->
    check the box "Include title and description",
    search for "linux", then click on the components on the left
    or search for "linux wireless adapter" or "linux webcam"
    check more details at

  24. Hi everybody,
    I am a linux fan for years and years. Installed linux to computers of tens people and most of them are satisfied.
    Even if I do not like Windows at all and do not use them any more (more or less since time I realized playing games is waste of time and makes man a looser, if spend a lot of time playing), I have to say pros and coins of it. Same for linux.
    So Linux is better for being free, opened and configurable OS. You can see bugs and help with development or translation. You have no viruses, more secure computer and most likely better performance, because of easy, simple code. I do not think Windows apps are always easier to use, and there is also progress with instalation. Also it can look however you like.
    BUT many people use Windows and it means companies developing games, drivers etc. do them for Win. For this reason you webcam will most likely work out of the box in Windows. Documents like .doc are commonly used and practicaly took over monopoly. Try to send .odt file to the goverment department or so and they won't be able to open it. For new components such as video cards you will have alway better performance in Windows.
    I think there are couple of solutions how to make IT world better - more and more people will use linux (I am glad it happens), so sooner or later companies making drivers will program them for both OSs (well, three if I count BSD/Mac OS, but there is a bit different story).
    - Microsoft will make Win code open-source and write openly about bugs, it will mean community can participate on improvement.
    - Places like libraries, schools, offices, internet cafes and others will use computers with linux, which will make it more popular for people and soon will find it's easy to use it. Now majoriy thinks linux os only for geeks who knows how to program. The most important places where to use linux are schools, because BFUs learn there only how to work under Windows and then they are too scared or lazy to try something different.
    - Linux has to continue being GUI-oriented and easy-to-use, as Ubuntu does. Also, more developers has to be focused on making drivers rather then only improve environment.
    - For easy-to-use linux distributions is better bigger centralisation, it can actually help in competetion with Windows. Eg. Ubuntu will have on its web pages list of hardware, what supports. User can basically choose what hardware has or even better click for automatic detection, and it will automaticaly install all available drivers. I believe lots of people are upset when look for drivers for their OS on milion pages. I think OpenSUSE goes this way:-)

    Well, and now I go to try Ubuntu 9.10...

  25. Try to move a web / graphics designer to Linux , after using photoshop for 7 years. As much as I try to acomodate with GIMP, it is not possible. Photoshop under wine it's still a bad ideea ... crashes all the time. When youre getting payed to use the computer, any annoyance or slowdown will drive a prefessional away from Linux.
    If Adobe and Corel don't want to bring their software to Linux, maybe more work should be focused in making really good graphics suites for Linux. This is just an example , I bet this problem is present in other fields of work also

  26. I don't see anyone here actually commenting on Windows 7 and the progress that Windows has done, probably partly thanks to competition from Ubuntu.

  27. hmm I dont see any point to spent even 1 peny on the OS... windows? thats joke... big corporation is sucking money from the customers all the time! look behind few months back, every bloody laptop for sale was having vista preinstalled (how big money was involved?) using linux distros more than 3 years and I can honestly say: linux is VERY stable and is FREE!!! and is deadly for simple office aplications,web browsing etc... (now is more friendly... you can even make home entertainment system!) if You are gamer get your windows... coz all this bleeding world is turning around money! big corporations like Microsoft or the big game industries... end of story! :p

  28. Windows 7, 8, 9 or any number of them is not worth commenting at all. But if we are all blind, who can help us? What Vista and Win7 users are getting from Microsoft today, I have been using all that and more and yet better features on Fedora and Ubuntu for years together.

    The issue is not whether LINUX is better than Windows. It always is and would continue to be better. Windows will take several years to catch up on LINUX, and may actually never catch up.

    But LINUX guys have to struggle with the likes of Photoshop, Corel, ArcInfo, AutoCAD.... the list is endless, and add to that the fellows who manufacture anything and everything for Windows market. Largely Video, video streaming, equivalent of ActiveX etc. are the stuff which are keeping Windows alive. Even Yahoo Messenger is one such good example, it has no equivalent in LINUX, GyAchi is its too poor a replacement and keeps crashing, and no updates since 2007 Pidgin guys say Video may come tomorrow or never...

    So how can use of Linux grow? There are real roadblocks for a common user who has intentions to switch, but the applications and drivers don't support.

  29. excuse me i have tried gyachi and i can say to the best of my experience got no crash and it is now updated to karmic. got some features which are not offered to orig yahoo client. though got no voice chat but empathy is clsing to it jstu need more free time of the developers to work for it. how about you what can you contribute to the community you belong, just blaming?...

  30. I have been using Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty for about 5 or 6 months now and I have no regrets from making the switch. Ubuntu has been very good to me. It rarely ever locks or crashes. No VIRUSES ever(linux ftw)! I can use quite a few Win proggies through wine so not much problems there, even a few games work, though I do mostly console gaming. Video playback is great using VLC player. I am planning on getting a Asus G72GX laptop soon that comes with Win7 and all its glorious bloatware, I plan on torrenting a bare version and reinstalling w/o the crap. I will also be dual booting Ubuntu for my own pleasure and main use.

  31. Hello, I've been reading this blog with great interest. For me, Ubuntu has been a dream. I have it installed on a P4 3ghz laptop with 512 ram. That said, I still need my deskside computer with windows for video editing (Avid) and photoshop etc etc. But for the laptop my family uses it for 3 main area. Surfing/email, open office, Songbird. Just like most families, the laptop is overpowered for the most basic functions. We probably use 5 percent of what it is capable of. The kids did not even know they were running Ubunto until I mentioned it. My wife found it to be a dream. She actually said, oh you fixed the computer, it's not crashing anymore. Ubuntu has saved our evenings of frustration. I'm seriously thinking of putting in on my father in laws computer. I spend hours every couple of months fixing his windows os.


  32. Marius -- There is a good,free replacement for photoshop on linux,it's called Blender.I heard it's really good.It does pretty good on rendering too.:-)

  33. Actually, your standard equivant to Photoshop would be GIMP.

  34. i was a staunch windows supporter for past 12 years..untill i installed ubuntu 9.10 (my first linux). And it completely blew me away :)

    100 times better than Vista, 10 times better than 7. I like the clean interface, quick and much faster booting and browsing. 99% of the app i use in windows work perfectly on ubuntu. Driver support is did not install even a single driver from any other source!
    And who said ubuntu is hard to operate?? LOL..a new computer user will be lost in windows..

    I am sure that i'll be on ubuntu for my 99% of the work..i am no programmer, no geek..just a simple computer user..using it for networking, browsing, occasional media, and lil bit of web designing and blogging and i still find ubuntu much better :)

    Take a plunge use it and then judge it. I know most of the windows user have never used ubuntu and even then they never fail to use offensive lang for the linux was me few weeks back!! NOT NOW :)

  35. I used both Ubuntu and Windows 7. I think the main issue I have with Ubuntu is Flash...its terrible on really lags where as on windows it does not....Windows has better apps....and I really dont care about 3 seconds off my boot time.

  36. people, i've been using both for years. i prefer ubuntu because of many 'anti-corporate' reasons, but lets be hones... ubuntu is a half-product when compared to any windows version or leopar+. i just wish it were the other way arround. linux people have to work much more to make linux more approachable to regular users. it's not only that linux is missing simplicity, but also functionality.

  37. If my kids (ages 6,7, and 8) can use Ubuntu flawlessly, then you must be a moron if you can't use it. Even my wife prefers it to Windows 7. In fact, she wants me to get rid of the Win7RC1 on the other computer and install Ubuntu 9.10.

    Except for the very few of you who use Windoze to f**k your life away with games, the remainder of you who use a computer for productivity will love Ubuntu. Need Outlook? Use Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin. Need CAD? Use LinuxCAD. Need a browser? Use Firefox. Need chat? Use Pidgin or Empathy. Need MS Office? Use OpenOffice and change the load/save values to MS 97/2000/XP. Gimp can do just about anything any other graphics editing program can do - just take the time to learn it and stop being LAZY!

    Another note on games... since games from linux users are in more demand, more and more game developers are making versions for linux as well. Its the same reason more hardware manufacturers are making device drivers for linux than ever before - DEMAND.

    Even Microsoft is looking into developing their own version of linux. Stupid people can't write code. So why in the world would anyone think that linux is written by stupid people? Heck, most all webservers on the planet are running linux. Lodgenet uses linux for their hotel Pay-Per-View systems. Most all hotel internet providers use linux servers. Wifi hotspot servers/routers are running linux. Most all standalone devices like surveillance DVRs, phones, some netbooks, Linksys routers, GPS locators, and much more... ALL RUN LINUX.

    I run windows for certain things too. But to bash linux to such a degree as some of you have done is just plain idiotic. Even the US Department of Defense has stated that open source systems are just as good as proprietary systems (

  38. I installed Ububtu 9.10 on my laptop Dell M1530. The install automatically detected the webcam, the wireless, and the blu-ray writer. The only things I had to do was install a few restricted things like the nvidia driver, mp3 support and flash 10 for 64 bit OS. I was completely blown away by the ease of installation and the configurability of Ubuntu. I played with Windows 7 a bit, and yes, it is much better than Vista, I still prefer Ubuntu. I love the Compiz Fusion effects, unmatchable in Windows 7 as of yet.

  39. I have ten years of IT experience in a large corp. I can tell you for sure theat the Unix based systems have always been faster and more stable.

    Every year one of the Unix guys would give me a Linux Dist to test and same with the Windows team.

    There is now doubt that for gaming windows is a must, but maybe they will run on VM or wine? I've never tried as I'm not a gamer.

    In the past I have found the different Linux packages too difficult to work with, even with my unix,vax and Z/os experience.

    Ubuntu 9.04 has changed all that. It is easier to use, stable, no virus issues, and for every piece of software I have needed I have found either a "Free" equal or better solution, or have been able to run the windows based software via wine. You just have to step out of your comfort zone and try it?
    I beleive Ubunutu is good for people who are more advanced users or people that don't know a thing and just want to surf and check email.

    I think it has a place in the corperate world as well because it is resource lite, very easy to use, stable, cheap, and there will always be a support team there to take care of things. But I could see the constant need for upgrading deminishing and this could effect peoples jobs eventually. So it would be fair to say there may protectionism involved with windows dominence in the business world.

    As far as the development of the OS? There is an entire world of trained professionals, and hobbiests out there putting time and resources into Linux development. Source code control and peer reveiw have always been used and the development cycle is mature. If it doesn't work it isn't released. Microsoft is a very good company and they do great things but there is no way they can compete with an Open Source philosephy comprised of possibly millions of people.

    We have always speculated that Opens Source would eventually dominate just do the the numbers of man hours contibuted, for free, and the people dedicated to the cause. It is truly amazing when you think about it.

    It has taken many years to get here but I beleive that they now have a better product. At least for me to use. I love Ubuntu. I have no reason to switch back to windows, yet.

    And Marus Wilberg you have no idea...

  40. i agree with fultod... since ubuntu 9.04 relased..i wont back to windows even windows 7 has been relased..!

  41. I am surprised on the amount of hype there is about Ubuntu. I have used Ubuntu since version 8.10 and ever since then Ubuntu has convinced me to switched from Windows. I ran Windows Vista on my machine and ran pretty good.

    The main issue with Windows (all versions) are viruses, spyware, and bugs. Windows has brought me so much trouble throughout the years, though it was an operating system that most people used. Many state that Microsoft Windows runs 90% of PCs world wide so they make that as an excuse to say Windows is a "better" operating system. The only reason why people who want to switch to Mac, however don't have the money or that 90% that have Windows is because they don't know about open source operating systems, Ubuntu.

    I'm currently running Ubuntu 9.10 and enjoy it! Everything works! I recently purchased a bluetooth adapter for my laptop, it came with a CD to install the drivers and software to use the bluetooth adapter. Ubuntu does not need CDs for drivers or software. Once I plugged the adapter to my laptop, it automatically detected it and it was basically plug and play.

    My friends enjoy Ubuntu and they have not switched back to Windows for what ever reason. My friends at my school use Ubuntu. They're playing Halo and all that good war games on Ubuntu and it works perfectly without flaw. Also if you are worried about flash, on Ubuntu 9.10 all you have to do is search for "Ubuntu Restricted Extras" which is a free package that installs all the pluggins you'll ever need. One package contains it all.

    Another thing, I was searching online for software on how to copy operating systems from CD into ISO when I was using Windows. I had no luck at all, but Ubuntu has that built-in. They even have GIMP which is just like Photoshop. Google Chrome web browser is now for Linux!

    I have never EVER had an issue with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the best operating system I have ever used. Mac OS X has been a great OS to use, however I STILL prefer Ubuntu over anything. Why? Simple and safe. As easy to learn as a Windows user, as graphical and beautiful as Mac OS X.

    As CEO of my company, I have enforced Ubuntu towards all corporate PCs and Macs. Mac and PC both run Ubuntu and use it as are default, sometimes our only operating system. There was never once in our time have we ever had to use Windows or Mac in our offices. Might as well just buy highly powered PCs and install Ubuntu in them.

    Think of this, Ubuntu is the all-in-one operating system with access to thousands of free and open source software. If you enjoy using Firefox and Google Chrome, you'll defiantly enjoy using Ubuntu Linux.

  42. Look at Jorge's comment...its true! But, OPEN CODE... if u want something to work with ubuntu, read a computer engineering book and make it work:D Microsoft and all those working together with drivers and hardware can make whatever they like... if u know a little about computers and OS's u may play with anything that Windows&Co can play with:P

  43. Ok, I have been reading these with interest. There have been some good points made. Lets be honest, there are good and bad things about every OS out, Windows, MAC OS, Linux, FreeBSD.

    But, what makes a good OS? Providing what the users want, when they want it. Most companies use Windows on PC's as there was no other OS around at the start that made sense for them, MS provided what they needed, when they needed it.

    Unix was there but not on PC's, and it was PC's that everyone wanted back in the 80's. Yes I was there, one of my first jobs was PC Support in 1986, total of 5 IBM PC's in the company.

    I have been using both Windows and Ubuntu for a number of years, I am currently running 10.04 in test.

    There will never be one solution to statisfy everyone, so please grow up. If it orks for you and you like it, then use it. If it doesn't then get rid of it. Microsoft is not going to dissappear overnight, or any time soon.

    Oh and Ubuntu is not all in one, just Windows is not. Just try running it, or Windows, on some of the hardware I have had to support over the years.


  44. I work at HP and I moved my work OS from Vista to Ubuntu. this saves my ass 10 minutes boot up time to start all my application. save my ass the weekly virus scan and etc.. my system works 10 time faster. why the hell would i stick to winodws? why any one would?

  45. Heres my two bits, I feel that comparing Ubuntu to Windows is like comparing apples to oranges, they are in no way similar besides the fact that they are Operating Systems. First Ubuntu Pros: Its fast, Resource Light, Great General Purpose, Free. Cons: It is often near impossible to use all the programs you want, Updates are not preemptive, drivers can leave you pulling out your hair. Now for windows, Pros: Easy Install, Rarely any Problems (Don't Get me Started on Vista, We're talking Windows 7), Runs Games, Updates before problems, finally Easy and Pretty GUI. Cons: Often expensive, Slower, and Less Innovative.

  46. I have a new laptop and it came with Windows 7 pre-installed (Asus UL50VT). Thought I would give Ubuntu a try. Love everything about Ubuntu but ultimately went back to Windows 7 because as far as I know there is no Linux distro work with my hybrid video card.

    This alone was a deal breaker for me. I can live with not able to dim the screen but no way no how I can live without 3D. Searched the Internet every day since February for the fix and found none. Until there is a fix, Windows 7 is better is than Ubuntu as far as I am concern.