May 16, 2009

A Urgency-Display Bar For Notification

As mentioned earlier the new notifications, that were introduced in Jaunty, will continue to improve in the Karmic Koala cycle. There many good ideas and suggestion being posted at the Ayatana mailinglist.
Today Mirco Müller has added a urgency-display bar to the notify-osd trunk.

Here's a preview:

This is just one of the many ideas on how to improve notifications being discussed for Ubuntu 9.10. Another areas that has been discussed is better positioning. Below is a qoute from the mailinglist which gives us a peek into Mark Shuttleworths vision for how this might change.

For example, we specified that appends to a higher async bubble should be paused while a syncronous bubble was being displayed below it. So, say Joe starts talking to you, and his comments are being appended in a bubble in the top right. If you then hit the volume down key, you get a syncronous bubble underneath that. If Joe talks to you while you have that, we decided to defer the append until the volume bubble had died and gone away so that the append wouldn't cause the volume bubble to slide down.

In our 9.10 experiment, we will eliminate that completely, because syncronous bubbles will ALWAYS be the same size and ALWAYS be "just above the half-way line", while async bubbles will be "just below the half-way line". The async bubbles might grow or shrink (with content appending and replacement) but they won't slide around. We'll have scrolling in the bubble, for long content and long content with appends.
- Mark

Join the discussion on the Ayatana mailinglist.

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